Creating a dream living space is an iterative process, with each element of the completed design and installation contributing to the overall ambience and warmth of the room. By providing you with limitless options for customisation, the Exact team ensure that our projects consider even the smallest detail, to design and install the space which you have always dreamed of.

From lighting to materials, colourways through to internal organisation, we will consider all elements of your design to create a truly bespoke space. We’ll optimise use of space through innovative storage solutions, and work with you to maximise the warmth, light and practical aspects of your ideal kitchen.


Our range of high-quality Equipment ensures that every kitchen we design is practical, reflecting the importance of the room as the centre of every home. Stylish equipment solutions populate each kitchen with durable, practical elements, fitted to optimise performance – without hampering the ambience of the design.

Interior Organisation

The kitchen needs to be a living space which maximises convenience and works to eradicate clutter. With Exact’s interior organisation solutions, you can tailor your choice of storage to work around your daily routine and preferences. We’ll work with you to maximise the available space and streamline the way your kitchen serves you each day, through convenience, style and practical applications of innovative quality solutions.


Everyone has unique tastes and preferences when it comes to designing your dream kitchen. We’ve sourced some of the finest-quality materials available on the market today, to ensure each of our kitchen projects are finished to the best possible standards. Durable, hard-wearing and adaptable, our range of materials afford full customisation, allowing you to envision and then realise the indoor living space of your dreams.

Colour Selection

Colour preference is key when it comes to visualising your dream kitchen area into a reality which really brings your home to life. Whether you are seeking a bold, adventurous statement-style kitchen space, or a muted and relaxing sequence of shades, our range of colours enables full customisation for modern or traditional finishes. Our Design team will work with you to choose complementary shades which all work together to create a stunning completed project, entirely reflective of your personality and preferences.


Light is a Human necessity, with the ability to influence our mood in subtle ways, flood dark spaces with brightness, and work with us to create ambience and nuance. Our range of lighting for your kitchen can be customised to really optimise the use of natural light sources, while using a range of high-quality sources to supplement sunlight.

From muted mood lighting through to practical illumination, we’ll work with you to create versatile and flexible lighting solutions which adapt as you go about your day.

Made to Measure

At Exact, we recognise that everyone is different, and there is no single solution which will work in every living space. This is why we offer a ‘made to measure’ surface, which enables us to fully customise our kitchen range to suit any type of space. Our talented team will work with you to optimise the space you have, through truly bespoke and tailored designs which will breathe life into the heart of your home.

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